What Is Website Development?

Website Development, also known as Web Design or Web Building, is the practice and work of designing, maintaining, and marketing through the use of a website. A normal website development process normally takes a team of people and the combination of a graphic design, copywriting, marketing, and computer engineering skills.

The best websites, if developed correctly, are able to communicate the right message, using a great design and presentation, accurately to the audience desired. 

How Do I Improve My Website?

To get to the final result of a great website, you must first perform a site audit because this will reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Here is a list of general questions that can help you:

Am I using the words, descriptions, and phrases that people be using to search for me?

Does my content answer the simple questions that my clients will have about me or our services?

Does my site look good on a mobile device?

Does my site have lots of pictures, video, stimulating graphics, and interactive elements?

Does the content on my site contain fresh and relevant information? 

Does my site contain news about our business, our hours of operation, maps to our location, and contact information?

Does our website display our personality, services, vision, experience, and expertise? 

How does my site stack up next to my competition? 


What is the Foundation of a Good Website?

  • Sharp Design – These are the visual elements of a website that draw attention. Examples of design include using logos, graphics, colors, word fonts, icons, pictures, videos, and other responsive elements to capture attention.
  • Quality Content – This is the use of keywords and the information to tell people who you are, what you do, how you can help them, and how they can contact you. A good website should be able to communicate directly to people’s needs and questions. Great content should also help to build trust and develop a relationship with the reader.
  • Visibility – This is the use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, ads, and other marketing tools to help direct people to your website. A good website should be quick to find in a search.
  • Accessibility – This is a website’s ability to load quickly and also be self-condensed down to a smaller screen like that of a mobile device. Your website should load immediately and give users a clear picture no matter what size screen or device they are using.
  • Accuracy – This refers to a website’s ability to provide the right information that is valuable to clients. This means that your website needs to meet the basic needs of your client by posting new, current, and relevant information frequently. It’s key to remember that your client’s needs are changing all the time and you need to adjust to meet them.
  • Easy Navigation – A user should never have to click more than twice to find a piece of important information. A good website should contain simple information, an obvious menu to choose from, and an easy organization of categories and subjects.
  • About Us – Your website should tell people your story, your experience, and your expertise. Typically, a good website will have a way to tell your potential clients about who you are and show them your personality. The heartbeat, mission statement, and purpose of your law firm should be obvious.
  • Contact Information – People should be able to easily find your phone number, email, hours of service, and address. A good website should also have several opportunities for your potential client to contact you through things such as contact forms, email subscriptions, and phone numbers listed throughout.
  • Call to Action – Your website must give people a clear direction or action step to take. A good call to action will help a potential client move further along in the sales process by suggesting an action or directing them to give them your contact information.
  • Images and Video – Pictures and video are now among the most important elements in a website that communicate. A good website will have both images and videos that help aid people in listening to your message.

We Can Do Your Law Firm Web Design

It’s not an uncommon feeling to be intimidated with the task of creating your website. If you are unsure where to start, our team of designers, writers, consultants and builders can help your dreams become a reality.

Our goal is to get to know who you are, what you do, and then help convey the heart of your law firm to your target clients with excellence. 

Stop procrastinating and letting business slip through the cracks. Contact us today at (918) 409-2101 to connect with our team.