When you’re developing your firm’s brand, you want to develop images and language that endear the firm to current clients while promoting it to prospective clients. The colors you use play an important role communicating what your brand is all about.

When you meet with your branding firm, talk about color psychology and its use in the development of your logo and overall website design. Color plays a role in branding, but it does not work alone. Discuss how colors as well as images and text can work together to form your company’s brand identity.

Determine What you Want to Communicate with your Brand

All law firms want to communicate professionalism. But depending on the type of law you practice, you might want to communicate other values as well. Personal injury firms often want to communicate compassion for their clients, whereas criminal defense firms generally try to communicate proactivity and a focus on results.

Colors affect how people feel. This phenomenon has been studied for hundreds of years and has made its way into many aspects of our lives beyond branding. One area that it’s used is in art therapy. Another is interior design. How do you want your prospective clients to feel? There are probably multiple answers to this question, such as assured, empowered, and safe.

Know What the Different Colors Signify

Familiarize yourself with the symbolism associated with different colors. Here is a quick rundown of some keywords and emotions that tend to accompany certain colors.

  • Orange: Youth, energy, friendliness, and affordability
  • Green: Organic, caring, sustainable, and nature
  • Red: Energy, passion, love, and action
  • Blue: Professionalism, sterility, honesty, and caring
  • Brown: Traditional, sustainable, dependable, and strong
  • Pink: Feminine, sensitive, delicate, and romantic
  • Yellow: Fun, friendly, warm, and inviting
  • Black: Sophisticated, timeless, powerful, and mysterious
  • White: Simple, hopeful, clean, and optimistic
  • Purple: Luxurious, intellectual, creative, and calming

Look at Examples of Other Successful Brands

Think about the colors of the brands you use frequently. What colors does your bank use in its logo? How about your grocery store or the professional services you use? For example, think of Starbucks. Green is their main color. Green tends to communicate freshness, something every coffee drinker wants in their cup. What do you want clients to associate with your firm? Use this to guide your branding color palette.

Work with a Law Firm Branding Company that can Help you Choose the Right Colors for your Brand

When you’re developing a brand image for your firm, work with a branding team who understands how law firms operate and what they need. Colors carry a lot of psychological weight and when you’re developing your firm’s brand, the colors you choose will speak volumes to all of your potential clients. To learn more about the use of color in branding and how you can get started with us, contact Lawyer Marketing Services at 918-409-2101 today.