Let's say that a prospective client has been to your website. They've read your reviews. They've read your biography. Now they are on the phone and asking about your services.

What Do You Do Now?!

In the mind of a trained salesman, this is where you engage them, emphasize your value, and close them to become your customer. To most people, this moment may be scary, but it doesn't have to be! This should be exciting! However, to a lot of law firms, this is where they often drop the ball and miss an easy opportunity. 

Most Law Firms Can't Close

After your marketing efforts have done their job and captured a lead, it is so crucial to the health of your law firm for you to have a quality sales process in place. A good sales process will know where to meet your lead and how to walk them through the various steps within the sales funnel towards securing them as a client. In addition, a good salesman will also know how to overcome and speak to any objections no matter how small. Also, a good salesman will know how to schedule the next appointment, ask for small commitments, and eventually ask for their business.

The problem with most law firms is that the lawyers and their staff have not been trained to close on their prospective clients. 

"But I went to school to practice law, not do sales!" Yes. You are correct. However, don't you have to sell the judge and the jury in the courtroom? Sales and emphasizing the value of what you do are more involved in day to day life than you may think. Sell is also foundational for any kind of for-profit business.

Lawyer Sales Training

How Do You Evaluate Good Sales?

It is also crucial for any business to know how successful or unsuccessful your sales or closing rates are. This means knowing how many leads you get and then keeping track of how many of those leads convert to a customer. This number will help you keep track of what is working and what isn't. Your conversion rates (CR) are so important for improving your profit. Your employees should be trained on how to recognize opportunity, close the customer, and then keep track of their leads and conversion numbers. This is crucial no matter how small their role in your law firm.

If you want to make more money, then your business is going to have to take the art of selling seriously. 

Legal Sales Doesn't Have To Be Cheesy

If a greasy car salesman comes to mind when I mention the word "sales." I want you to reset your mind right now.

Authentic sales, which is about exchanging a commodity fairly (with integrity), is more about emphasizing the value of something and building relationships. Bad sales techniques are used when you emphasize the transaction more than the actual value you're bringing to the client. This means when you're more concerned about making money than actually serving the person in front of you with excellence. This is definitely cheesy. 

If you're looking to close sales and do it in a way where your clients are happy, it's totally possible. The best sales are when you don't have to pretend, you can be yourself, and both parties get a "win-win." The kind of authentic sales presentation can come when you know the value of what you're presenting and you've been trained on how to simply speak to the needs of your prospect.

Know Your Prospect

The first step in any sales is to investigate and get to know who you are talking to. You have to ask the right questions and have good listening skills. You also have to pay attention to what they tell you. If you ask the right questions, the client will lead you to the right information to help you identify exactly what they are looking for. Once you can nail the needs of your prospect, you can then speak to their pain points and present your law practice as the solution.

The Team Approach

Having a well-trained staff that can help you sell what you do is so crucial to your growth as a firm. If they are trained on how to help sell to your prospects, your ability to gain profit can grow exponentially. If you don't have a solid sales training process in place, don't wait! Also, it can help to have a team approach to your sales. When you have a prospective client on the phone or in the office, it never hurts to have a teammate with you. By giving your prospect some extra attention in the sales process, it can help them feel wanted and better understood.

You don't have to be a lawyer to sell legal services. You only need to be a lawyer to deliver legal services. 

The Sales Process For Dummies

The sales process can often be summarized with these four easy steps:

  1. Qualify - You must know how to qualify your leads, ask the right questions, build a relationship, and do your homework on them.
  2. Present Value - Once you know their needs, you can then emphasize the right values of your services to meet those needs.
  3. Ask - Now that you've done your homework and solved their pain, don't be afraid to ask them for their business. We often don't have because we don't ask.
  4. Delight - Be excited, deliver the services, communicate how you're solving the pain, and continue to build a relationship so you can get more business and referrals.

Get Some Legal Sales Coaching

Our team at Lawyer Marketing has been trained and equipped to help emphasize value and close clients. Our executive team would be glad to visit with you and help walk you and your team down an easy path to success. We will train your team on the art of the deal and help you build a great sales system to help secure more leads and close more clients. This could be the most important conversation of your year, so don't wait!

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