What is Law Firm Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is the way in which your brand or law firm is seen by the world. This can include everything from your customer experience and opinions to your the way in which your brand communicates. The simplest way to think of reputation is the positive or negative feeling that people get when they use your services. 

The best brands know how to connect with their clients and understand how to respond to their needs with excellence. Furthermore, they also know how to be proactively improving their reputation by going on a positive reputation campaign or by simply asking people to refer them to their friends and family. Some people may see Reputation Management as a way of protecting their company image, but it should also be seen as taking a proactive approach to present your company in a more positive light.

Reputation Management is in the same category as storytelling, marketing, and brand awareness.

Why Does Your Law Firm Need A Good Reputation?

Nowadays, any kind of product or service must have a credible background to be purchased. The same is true of lawyers. Both good and bad moves by a business are broadcasted immediately through things such as social media, videos, blogs, websites, and reviews. In the terms of a law firm, no good reputation is the same has having a bad reputation. If you care about the future of your law firm, then your reputation must become an extremely high priority. Even if your reputation is not completely positive, people are far more likely to trust a brand with any kind of reputation than no reputation at all.


How Do You Craft A Good Reputation?

If Reputation Management is how you are seen in the internet, then the first step is to become proactive about getting a positive response everywhere your firm can be found. This means constantly monitoring your website, review sites, social media platforms, and anywhere else where people could be talking about you. Just like a good detective, you must monitor your brand’s online fingerprint everywhere possible. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do.

Happy Clients – You must become an expert at getting your happy clients to follow through on writing a testimonial for you. This can be as simple as a “Thanks for the help!” comment or even a small paragraph where your clients share how your services helped them. The most important objective is to get someone else other than yourself to verify the credibility of your brand. This will build your potential client’s trust. 

Review Sites – Your ratings and reviews on places such as Google or Yelp can be very effective. Remember, displeased customers will often have a much deeper impact than 5 happy customers.

Review Social Media – Clients often do their talking where they spend their free time. In most cases, this is on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are quickly becoming the highest rated platform for customer opinions. Be sure to post often on your social media and respond to your clients when they have questions.

How Do You Know If Your Law Firm Needs Help?

To truly self-evaluate your own law firm reputation, do yourself a favor and “Google” the name of your company. If you can’t find anything good about your firm, if you find only negative reviews such as anything critiquing your business or below a 3 or 4 on a 5 point scale), or if you find nothing at all, this means you’re a prime candidate for help. Remember that in addition to having great reviews, you need a great website to accurately represent your message, your value, and your personality.

Don’t expect people to trust what they can’t see, hear, or witness. Give them a glimpse of who you are and who others say that you are.

Let Our Team Help You

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