Photography is often the first thing that people see on websites.

They are also the first selling point to most law firm websites.

Without imagery, the perception of how others may see you or your law firm may be incomplete. For some customers, they will evaluate you simply on your website presentation. If you take the time to present yourself professionally, then your prospective clients will be assured that you’ll take the time to take care of them with their legal needs. Think along the lines of buying a tuxedo from a garbage man… would you do it? Absolutely not! 

Images convey attitudes and personality. They also give viewers a taste of their customer experience. Whether it is a smile, a stern look, or even a laugh captured through a photo, these images can subconsciously leave a lasting impression on your viewers. The most important thing to remember about any pictures is that they have the ability to earn trust – and people trust what they can see.

Here are some general tips and guidelines to consider regarding photography on your legal website:

The Connection Between Photos and Marketing

By definition, marketing is the act of competing, earning, and grabbing the attention or interest of your ideal client. Good marketing teaches your prospects about who you are, what you stand for, what you do, why you do what you do, and how they can benefit from hiring you. When used correctly, high-quality images help in this process. They capture attention and then open the eyes and heart of your prospective client. They begin to give a glimpse into the attitude and culture of your business. In the case of law firms, photos can even do a great job in showcasing your expertise and professionalism. Photos can generally explain what words cannot. This is especially important in the case of lawyer websites.

Photos Give People An Idea of Your Customer Experience

You need to show people what they will experience when they will hire your law firm. This means giving your prospective client a head start on what they can expect from your staff and office when they hire you. You need to take them on a picture journey. A few great ways to do this are by walking your clients through the process of a normal customer. Start by showcasing the outside of your law office building, then pictures of your lobby or waiting area, and then showing your legal team at work. The more images you can show to present your customer experience, the more trust you will be earning from your prospective client before they commit to doing business with you. 

Photos Give People A Glimpse of Who You Are

In addition to showcasing your customer experience, people need to get to know you and your legal team. Most clients will do their homework ahead of time and will want to know who they will be working with. They will read your biography and will want to be able to identify you by your facial features when they meet you. They will also want to feel like the lawyer or paralegal they are working with is easy to talk to and approachable. For some people, this means smiling, dressing professionally, and looking “happy” to do your job. Videos are another great option for showcasing your legal staff, but pictures also do a fantastic job. This means taking the time to have high-quality headshots of each lawyer and staff member and even a group shot of your legal team and putting these on your law firm’s website. We recommend that you update your law firm’s photos from year to year as your staff changes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Photos

  • Not smiling
  • Not looking directly at the camera
  • Not dressing uniformly (in professional attire or similar colors)
  • Taking pictures in a poorly lit room or environment (sometimes brighter is better!) 
  • Taking pictures with a bad backdrop (neutral color backdrops usually work best) 
  • Taking pictures with a poor camera (avoid phone cameras at all costs!)
  • Not hiring a professional to do great work for you!

Lawyer Web Design and Photography

Professional photos are not always cheap, but they can seem that way once you count the cost of losing business because of bad presentation. Don’t cut corners with your legal photography. Hire a professional that knows what they are doing and will deliver images that will reflect the quality of your business. We have a professional photographer on our staff that would love to help improve your law firm’s legal presentation. Contact us today or by calling our offices at 918-409-2101 to schedule an appointment!