If Your Law Firm Is On The Web, Your Law Firm Needs SEO

What is SEO?

SEO, also called Search Engine Optimization, is the process of using keywords, phrases, strategies, and research to increase the total amount of viewers on your website and your placement in the results from a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). If done correctly, SEO can truly help your business increase your online visibility and eventually your rate of business.

What is the Goal of SEO?

The basic goal of SEO is to help people who are searching for you find you easier. This means using specific keywords or subjects that may be entered in the search field by the searcher. A search engine's job, such as Google's, is to find and then promote the websites or search results that will give the searcher the closest answer to what they are looking for. Obviously, the goal of SEO would be to craft a website to meet and contain the specific search criteria that would be used during a search. A website with good SEO will often have a good ranking (on the first or second page) of a search engine. 


How Does SEO Work?

If one were to go to Google and look at their criteria for what makes a good website and how to rank well, here some common points you would find:


These words are what people will be using in their search. For example, if you are located in New York and you are a personal injury lawyer, your potential client will probably search using keywords like "New York," "Personal Injury" and "Lawyer." To have successful SEO, your website must have these important words, descriptions, locations, and phrases related to what people are looking for throughout your site.


Phones, Tablets, and Laptops are the new avenues in which people will be looking at your website. Because of the recent boom in technology, this means that your website should have the ability to shrink and self-adjust to whatever size screen is being used. A viewer should never have to "zoom" or "self-adjust" on their screen. This specific feature is also known as having a site that is "mobile responsive." Starting in 2016, Google began penalizing websites that do not have a mobile-friendly ability.

Website Design

There are many aspects to having a great looking website design, however, the basics of having a good design come down to having quality images, video, a user-friendly layout, and great content. A great website should grab people's attention immediately and then draw their focus to the answers they are looking for. Recent statistics have shown that a website's credibility is 75% design related and 25% content related. If your website is not professional and relevant, people will not take you seriously.


A good website will answer the basic questions that people will have. In addition, great content should be informative, entertaining, and simple. Great content that answers the right questions often allows for your viewers to trust you.

Relevant Information

In addition to having great content, it is crucial to make sure your website stays relevant by having "fresh" information. Google has said many times that they will not promote websites that have remained dormant without updating their information on a regular basis. This means that in order to have good SEO, your website must make posting new quality content on a regular schedule a high priority.

Good Linking

This refers to the links that flow internally from page to page on your website, as well as the links that flow from other outside websites to your website. It is vital to make sure that all of your links have a valid web address or page on the receiving end so that a user never hits a dead-end on your website.

Brand Reputation

Your reviews and reputation on the internet reflect the reliability and trustworthiness of your firm. If your reputation speaks well, people will be more likely to give you a chance to work with them. In the same light, Google actually takes your online reviews and reputation into account and will not allow companies with bad reputations to have good rankings in search results. Google's job is to help searchers find the best possible option, thus, they will not help or recommend a bad business to their client.

Let Our Team Help You

Our team at Lawyer Marketing is experienced when it comes to the complicated world of SEO. However, we know how to marry the practice of law with the best practices of the internet. If you can accomplish both the goals of being found first and presenting yourself in the best possible way, your firm will pull in more leads and eventually more clients. To connect with our marketing team, contact us for a free evaluation of your current internet marketing strategy by calling (918) 409-2101.