Since the boom in technology, the world of marketing has been constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Many companies have shifted their attention and efforts from the traditional marketing efforts of television, print, brochures, and billboards, to online marketing. The result of doing this has had a deep impact on many businesses as their marketing efforts have begun to penetrate a much more targeted client base. Instead of spending their marketing efforts aiming at a broad spectrum, online marketing has now allowed for high levels of audience accuracy when done right. Furthermore, new avenues of marketing have now allowed your messages to spread further through the use of tablets and phones.

To truly be successful with legal marketing in today’s world, it is crucial to present your business with the highest level of excellence online. This means presenting your law firm where people are spending the majority of their time: Social Media, Websites, and viewing Videos. 

What Exactly Is Online Marketing? 

Marketing, in general, can be defined as the set of actions that involve creating, communicating, and delivering a set of values and benefits that represent a specific service to customers. In most cases, marketing is used to present the value of a product, to move a potential customer further along in the sales process, to achieve a business partnership, and eventually the delivery of a product or service. When talking about Online Marketing for law firms, the same general goals or purposes apply. Online Marketing simply uses the internet, specifically with social media and website design and content, to convey the value of your business. 

The Downsides To Traditional Marketing Platforms

Television Advertising – Television advertising has its share of challenges now that viewers have the ability to record their favorite shows and skip ahead during the commercial breaks. Additionally, it’s hard to really calculate and know the total amount of eyes that are actually seeing your ad and purchasing a time slot during the most popular times can be extremely expensive. The sad truth is that most TV advertising is ignored unless it’s presented in the right way, at the right time, to the right audience. The bottom line is that it’s extremely difficult to optimize your numbers and know your effectiveness.

Billboard Advertising – Billboards often have a high potential viewership with those thousands of viewers that pass by. However, to many of those viewers, it may take several times before they can capture your information and then call you. If your target market is tilted towards a large group, billboard advertising may be perfect. The downside is that they can often be very expensive and they don’t give you enough space or time to convey your message.

Print Advertising – Print can be a great marketing tool for hitting your local market. Print marketing can be a cheap advantage when using services such as “Every Door Direct Mail” which allows you to drop advertising to every door in a particular zip code. However, if your law firm desires to be more intentional with your marketing, it might be wise to consider using a more direct lead service before mailing. The downsides to print marketing are that your market may already be oversaturated with lots of spam mail and that your mail may be seen as “old school.” The key when using print advertising is to use great graphics and design to grab attention.


The Advantages To Legal Marketing Online

Online Marketing is crucial for your law firm to invest in because it gives you targeted, direct, personable, content that traditional marketing cannot accomplish. Read more below:


Although some forms of Internet marketing can be extremely broad, the majority of internet marketing is actually funneled when someone is using a search engine because they must use specific search words to find what they are looking for. This means that you can predict what keywords they will be using to find your law firm. Knowing those specific keywords and using them on your website can give you an advantage and help you be more visible to potential clients that need your area of law practice. The process of helping your visibility and ranking on Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if done right, can help your law firm be very successful in driving more clients to your website.


Traditional marketing can often be blanketed with general statements about your business while online marketing directs people straight to your website where they can find precise information about your business. Furthermore, they can do more homework and investigation about your services. Online marketing, through the use of a good website, can be just as effective as bringing your potential client into your front lobby and introducing yourself. In other old-school marketing methods, such as that of a brochure or a television ad, your audience has a much smaller time of exposure to your business and information. In addition, social media can allow you to interact with you clients where they are spending their free time. The bottom line to internet marketing is that your relationship with your clients has a much higher potential of depth and personability. 


Another downside to traditional marketing methods is that you have a limited time of exposure, and thus, only a small amount of information you can communicate. This means that your basic sales pitch is limited to a microsecond of time. With the use of a website, however, your marketing pitch has a much wider area of reach. With written content and video, you can do a much better job of answering your client’s basic questions and giving them your value. 


Your business or brand must have a personality that can be recognizable and likable. This is especially crucial now that people buy mostly off of what they feel. Thus, your potential client must feel like they can trust you. This trust is established by communicating on their terms and giving them a level of relatability. The use of a website, video, and social media can help people to get a basic feel of who you are and why they can trust you. 

Attorney Website Design Tailored To You

Law practice is so much more than just a case and a name. Your law firm and practice have to become a brand that people want to trust and can relate with. If you want to take the next step in your ability to get clients, you’re going to need to show them more about who you are and tell your story. This is a key to good marketing no matter what field of business. For help with your law firm web design or marketing, contact us by calling (918) 409-2101.