Lead generation can be tough.

But it doesn't have to be!

We all want cases to come pouring in, but before that can happen, there are sometimes a few necessary steps before gathering leads. To start, we must have market influence and a good understanding of target clientele. We must understand what they are thinking and how to speak to them. We also must have some great systems in place that will help to gently move our leads further into the sales cycle. Lead gathering or generation is an art that requires a full understanding of how your law firm comes across to your clients.

Here are some general rules to go by with your lead gen strategy:

Study Your Buyers

With the recent advances in technology, you can learn about your case leads and pre-qualify them before you've even reached out to them. You can see what ads they've clicked on in the past, what they've recently searched for, and even what similar websites they have visited in last year. Knowing how to qualify your leads and then knowing how one's target customers behave as shoppers can help you with how best to present your law practice and where your ad presentation will have the most viewers. Market research, polls, surveys, competitor analysis, website analytics, ad results, keyword optimization, and other sources of consumer insights can help you present your law firm at every phase of their decisions.

Before throwing any time, money, or energy at case leads, it's smart to first have done your homework and to accurately understand your ideal customer and their needs. After all, nobody wants to throw a hook with no bait into a pond with no fish.

Fishing Hook

Get Strong Content

No one buys what they can't understand. The easier your law services are to grasp, the quicker your lead will move down the sales funnel. Keep your legal website message simple and only mention the facts that your client is going to care about. These facts or needs will present themselves once you study your customer. Spend the time writing good sales copy with all of your ads, marketing, and law firm website content. And if you can't do it, then pay someone who can! Make sure all of your ads, emails, commercials, social media posts and website content echo the same message and voice. 

Speak To The Pain

Every qualified buyer has a problem and they are just shopping for the answer. If you can quickly show that your law practice solves their problem, then you will instantly have their attention as a possible lead. An important key helping them solve their problem is to speak in terms as if you understand what their problem is. In marketing, we call these "pain points." Once you've mentioned these pain points, it's finally time to introduce your product or service as the answer to that specific problem.

For example, if you're a personal injury lawyer, your message might be: "Have you been hurt or injured? Do you have medical bills you can't pay? Have you been a victim of an accident? We will fight for your needs and help get you the compensation to cover the pain and cost of your injury."

If your legal ads and sales copy can immediately speak in terms of the customer's pain points, your case leads with skyrocket through the roof.  

Think through these questions when doing your law firm marketing:

What emotions or feelings do they have? What does your product or service help resolve? What does your service do to give them more peace and life enjoyment?


You need to teach your clients about your services and the practice of law, but with the vocabulary of a 4th grader. Keep your instructions simple. Explain the purpose of what you do plainly. Give people the impression that you're the expert but not unrelatable. You also need to be a regular at teaching people how to actually understand the legal practice or what they may experience with your services. Give people a walk-through of what they will expect before they commit to hiring you. Give them some simple facts about common issues surrounding your case work and practice areas.

Student Marketing

Diversify Your Lead Methods

Leads can come from a variety of methods and sometimes only one or two main sources. However, until you have spent the time to truly study what works and what doesn't, it's best to spread your marketing efforts out.  Some of the most popular lead generating methods for lawyers are:

They key to having a good lead generation system for your law firm is to have diversity but also effective results. It's smart to never have all of your eggs in the same basket, but there's nothing wrong with having most of your eggs in only a few baskets when they are successful.

The 40-30-20-10 Method

If you're not sure where to start with your law firm's marketing budget, a great marketing method to go by is the 40-30-20-10 rule. Pick the top four areas of your lead generation or marketing efforts and split the total marketing budget across these four areas.

Give the largest portion of your budget to your most successful or proven area of marketing and then diversify down to the least or less proven methods. For example, out of a budget of $1000/mo the 40-30-20-10 rule may look like $400/mo on your website or SEO services, $300/mo on your video, $200/mo on your social media, and $100/mo on your paid ads.

This method is good for accomplishing two things: giving you some proven results from what has a high success rate and yet also allowing some room to test newer or less proven marketing methods without wasting a ton of money. Ultimately, once you've gotten your results, you need to keep track of your results, and you can measure what marketing efforts have a larger Return On Investment (ROI), you can adjust your numbers and budget to fit the highest returns. For some law firms, their needs may be a better fit in the 70-10-10-10 range or even higher in an 85-5-5-5 range.

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Our team knows the process from A-Z in studying your clients, building an effective marketing strategy, and then executing to get immediate case results. If you're not sure where to start or you need some consultation on your marketing strategy, contact our office today by calling 918-409-2101 to set up a time to visit with our team.