It is said that finding buried treasure must always start with first having a good treasure map. Thus, if your "treasure" is finding new clients, then you must have a good marketing strategy or treasure map in order to get new clients.

We have found that the most important part of law firm marketing is having a clear plan, direction, or strategy. It first starts with having a clear perception of who you are marketing to, how you want to market and present yourself, and then having a value to communicate that people will receive when they hire you as their attorney. Value statements and strategy are everything in the lawyer marketing business. This means that your law firm must have clear purposes in every area of your message and marketing.

People need to know the "why" behind your words. They also need to know how they're getting the better end of the deal.

Why should clients hire you? What is your law practice the best selection for them? What are they getting from you that they won't get anywhere else? What should they trust your service?

These are all questions that must be answered with your marketing. The client must feel like they are getting the better deal of value in the game of negotiation and hiring.

The Purpose of Law Firm Marketing

The "why" or the purpose of your law firm is the selling point to your clients. It's a selling point to people that are on the fence. If people understand the purpose or passion behind your law practice, then they will buy into the ideas that you produce. If your clients don't believe in your heart or the reason you are helping them, then they will smell the mediocracy and hesitation in your message from a mile away and never come close. You must attract people by telling them how and why you can help them. Plain and simple: the purpose of a marketing strategy is to give people a clear direction, a clear value, and a clear purpose behind what you do followed by a clear step by step action plan. 

This is where our help comes in.

Getting a Marketing Strategy for your Law Firm

Just as it sounds, once you have your purpose and the heart of your firm nailed down, you must formulate a clear plan of how to convey this message. This is where your actions must be specific, strategic, and precise on how to best penetrate your market and your target clients. You must not just be a loud noise, but rather, a voice of influence and power.

  • Your plan must be accurate in timing, funneling prospects into becoming clients and capturing their attention.
  • Your plan must be backed by a clear value message that can impact people at various stages in their buying process.
  • Your plan must also contain achievable and trackable goals in various stages that can show progress and profit.
  • Your plan must also contain easy points of evaluation and optimization so you can make positive adjustments when needed.

Remember, your marketing doesn't just convert a client instantly. In most cases it's a slower process of converting them with a combination of a consistent message, feel, and experience.


The Ideal Lawyer Marketing Strategy

With any kind of strategy, there are different points of emphasis or campaigns. Instead of throwing all that you have into your marketing all at the same time, it's smart to time things so as not to overload your audience or make your voice drown out. This might mean that you only emphasize a few certain strategy types at a time.

To give you some ideas of what are out their, here are some basic points of strategy and emphasis for lawyers in their marketing efforts:

The Why Strategy - this is making the purpose of your firm loud and clear.

The Who Strategy - this is emphasizing your ideal customer's needs and speaking directly to them.

The Difference Strategy - this is emphasizing your points of differentiation from your market and competition.

The Price and Positioning Strategy - this is showing off the discount of your services and the bargain that people are getting for the value.

The Experience Strategy - this is emphasizing your reach and your history of experience in your specialty area of service.

The Story Strategy - this is telling your story of how you've helped others and your journey to where you are today.

The Platform Strategy - this is using social media or your website to tell your audience about yourself.

The Interaction Strategy - this is using social media to drive customer interaction for the purpose of building relationships.

The Educational Strategy - this is giving away free information and education to prove of your expertise in your field or service.

The Promotion Strategy - this is giving away free services or promoting helping those in need.

The Conversion Strategy - this is focusing on deepening relationships with clients you've encountered in the buying cycle and pushing them closer to a sale.

The Growth Strategy - this is focusing on efforts that are all about new business in new areas of service.

The Referral Strategy - this is the story of showcasing testimonials and highlighting what others have said about your services.

The Value Strategy - this is emphasizing the value of your service and the benefit that you bring.

The Retention Strategy - this is about striving to have repeat customers and rewarding loyalty.

The Experience Strategy - this is about emphasizing the customer service you provide and the easiness of your business relationship.

Please keep in mind that there are a lot of other types of strategy out there, but those mentioned above are helpful and can give you some ideas on where you can grow your law firm. There are also various kinds of strategies that build on themselves and are segmented into many moving parts.

Lawyer Web Building and Strategy Team

Our team at Lawyer Marketing Services is knowledgeable and sensitive enough to know how to help you towards improving your marketing strategy. We have worked with law firms all over the country and we love the challenge of building a strategy for growth and success. If you don't know where to start or you haven't built a marketing strategy for your law firm, we'd be glad to help. You can reach us by calling (918) 409-2101.